rrerrNet Mumble

Games, Memes, BIG dragon dildos and serious talk.

What do you need to join?

  • Mumble (get it here)
  • A microphone (and preferably a voice with it)


  • Pretty much none, we still ban you if you behave like shit
Sometimes, you might even be banned/kicked randomly.

Still need any help?

You can contact one of the server admins (@nilsding or @pixeldesu) if you need any help with the server or have issues that need to be solved.

Connection Details

  • Server: mumble.rrerr.net
  • Port: 64738 (default port)
  • Languages: English, German, Finnish, French.

If you already have Mumble installed, you can use this button to quickly connect to the server!

Quick Connect

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